Castle of Lutzelbourg


History of the castle of Lutzelbourg


Ruins of the castle of Lutzelbourg before the first phase of restoration work
Thanks to Mr Carmona.
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Castle of Lutzelbourg more or less as it should have been
Thanks to Mr Carmona.
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1 15th century barbican: advanced defense structure for a bridge or a gate built in front of the ditch
2 Big tower that covers the entrance with two marks of jobbers
3 Tower that covers the ditch on the west side of the barbican
4 Pier on which the drawbridge rested constituting a point of support
5 Basement of the tower
6 Entrance tower rebuilt in the 20th century: gate of the bishop of Metz
7 Narrow entrance corridor with guide rails for carts (carriage transport)
8 Primitive entrance from the 11th century through a powerful gate tower
9 Small building with a 15th century sink corresponding to a kitchen
10 Powerful outer wall of the southern front
11 Square tower called Fénétrange from 1160, 25m high, walls 2.4m thick on 3 levels, the base being the jail, defensive wall at the level of the 1st floor
12 Building reinforced by a cylindrical tower
13 Current path with a false door
14 Small barracks from the 15th century which overlooked a postern: small hidden door leading to the ditch
15 3-level pentagonal tower for the 15m high habitat which is square inside with walls of 2.5 to 5.75m and with a wooden balcony and a roof
16 Several residential buildings opening onto large bays to the west
17 Villa Koeberlé Romanesque style on the foundations of the old atrium: knights' room
18 Romanesque building with several state rooms from the 12th century
19 Romanesque building partly cut into the rock: no photo yet
20 Building rebuilt in the 20th century with an open fireplace

For a return of hunchbacked Alsace to Lorraine (which is culturally, linguistically, historically, and geographically part of Lorraine)..

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