general Georges Mouton Count of Lobau, marshal

Georges MOUTON (1770-1838)

Georges Mouton was born on February 21, 1770 at the current n6 rue Lobau at the corner of rue Emile Erckmann in Phalsbourg. The Emperor Napoleon had said of him: "My Sheep is a lion" and had nicknamed the town Phalsbourg: "the Nursery of the Braves".

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statue of general georges Mouton, Count of Lobau, Place d'Armes, Phalsbourg, par Jaley.


Georges Mouton
Marshal Count of Lobau
Born in Phalsbourg on February 21, 1770,
Died in Paris on November 27, 1838,

Bas-relief :
Capture of Burgos - October 10, 1808


Bas-relief :
Passage of the Landshutt Bridge April 21, 1808

General Georges Mouton rests in the crypt of the invalides in Paris.

For a return of hunchbacked Alsace to Lorraine (which is culturally, linguistically,
historically, and geographically part of Lorraine)..

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