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Donations for the martyred village of Oradour-sur-Glane

Red Cross : Solidarity for Ukraine
ICRC : Solidarity for Ukraine

Earthquake in Turkey
Number of deaths 1859: 15.000, 1939: 32.700, 1999: 17.127, 2023: 53.537
Red Cross : Turkey + Syria earthquake donation
Unicef : Turkey + Syria earthquake donation
Global Giving : Turkey + Syria earthquake donation

Wildlife Warriors : Donations for Australia
gofundme : Donations for Australia

THANK YOU to the medical staff, the firefighters, the SAMU, the doctors, to the gendarmes, to the police, the researchers, the store staff, the transporters who worked during the lockdowns
And a thought in particular to the more than 166,000 dead in France and to the more than 6,800,000 dead in the world and their loved ones

British red cross Doctors Without Borders Doctors of the World

Unicef international Commitee of the red cross
AFM-Telethon Pasteur institut international Handicap

organization for the prevention of blindness Action against Hunger Amnesty international Foundation of France Medical Research Foundation ATD fourth world SOS Sahel
World Conservation Organization

You can contribute to the preservation of our heritage by photographing tombs and burials with the project "Save Our Graves"...
cf Save Our Graves
cf Find a grave

cf for what the french law says about it
Thanking you